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Ron van Dongen
June 23 – July 29, 2012

Wessel + O’Connor Fine Art is proud to showcase for the second time the extraordinary work of the artist Ron van Dongen. His initial exhibit with us featured his finely wrought black and white images of flowers and plants. Since 2006, he has focused on color representation, and has brought these subjects to even more vivid life for us.
Most of us can claim some sort of appreciation for flowers. Every once in a while, perhaps for some special occasion, we may buy fresh cut flowers or a plant as a gift or maybe just for own enjoyment. But for Ron van Dongen, they are really like his children. He not only cultivates them from seedlings to full fruition, he also chooses to immortalize them in spectacular color photographs for all of us to enjoy. Each blossom is lovingly portrayed with it’s own lushly painted background, and photographed using only natural light. The results are exquisite portraits that reveal what Ralph Lauren has said, in the introduction to the artist’s first color monograph, Effusus, are “a deeply personal, intimate recording of architecture, life, frailty, resolve, emotion and sensuality.”
Born in Venezuela, Ron van Dongen grew up in Holland, where he studied Health, Science and Biology before moving to San Francisco to study Photography. He now lives in Portland, Oregon, where he grows and nurtures each of the plants that he portrays so elegantly. His work has been widely exhibited in the United States, Europe and Asia, and is a part of many important collections around the world. To date, there are nine monographs of his work, two of the most recent publications are available from the gallery.

+ View full exhibit

+ View full exhibit

Ron van Dongen's work are available in two sizes:

16 x 20" images on 20 x 24" prints.
32 x 40" images on 40 x 48" prints.

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